Understanding Blockchain Technology: Abstracting the Blockchain

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Blockchain technology holds immense promise for a variety of industries, including financial services, real estate, supply chain management, health care, academia and more. From smart contracts to blockchain-encrypted academic credentials, these use cases are vast and far-reaching. To make sense of this revolution, you need to understand what a blockchain is and what it is capable of doing.  This course offers an general definition for blockchain technology and examines one of the biggest non-Bitcoin blockchains, Ethereum. The course covers additional platforms that support general purpose storage, and how decentralized data storage and computations fit together to enable smart contracts. It also reviews non-financial blockchain-based applications and initial coin offerings.


Morgen Peck

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Morgen Peck is a freelance technology journalist with 7 years experience covering Bitcoin and the blockchain technologies for IEEE Spectrum Magazine, Wired, Scientific American, American Banker and others. She served as contributing editor for an October 2017 special issue of IEEE Spectrum Magazine about blockchain technology. Morgen received her MA in neuroscience from Columbia University and a Masters in Science Writing from NYU’s Science Health and Environmental Reporting Program.

Publication Year: 2018


Understanding Blockchain Technology: Abstracting the Blockchain
  • Course Provider: Educational Activities
  • Course Number: EDP521
  • Duration (Hours): 1
  • Credits: 0.3 CEU/ 3 PDH