Enterprise Blockchain Overview

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This course, provided in collaboration with IEEE Blockchain, an IEEE Future Directions initiative, introduces Blockchain for Enterprise with an emphasis on where and how Blockchain will impact corporations. Included is a short review of cryptocurrencies followed by an in-depth review on Blockchain’s underlying technological advantages and where best to deploy in industry. A review of smart contracts is included along with the types of blockchain models: public, private and hybrid. The course also highlights the major cloud company offerings on Blockchain for the learner's own project exploration with a familiar service provider.

What you will learn:

  • Recall the technical benefits of blockchain
  • Give examples of applications and deployments in enterprise blockchains
  • Describe how the benefits of blockchain can be applied to new and existing enterprises

This course is part of the following course program:

Enterprise Blockchain for Healthcare, IoT, Energy and Supply Chain

Courses included in this program

Who should attend: Electrical engineer, Design engineer, Systems engineer, Product engineer, Computer engineer, software, Lead engineer, Project engineer, QA/quality engineer, DevOps engineer, AI/ML engineer, Data engineer, Security engineer

Steve Derezinski Photo
Steve Derezinski
Steve Derezinski consults with major corporations on blockchain strategy and new blockchain ventures. He taught Blockchain Ventures at MIT Media Lab and Babson College, and sits on a number of boards and funding panels. He is an expert reviewer for a Federal Agency’s Blockchain Funding and a subject matter expert for large philanthropic foundations in the USA and EU. He holds a BS from MIT and MBA from MIT Sloan.

Publication Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-5386-8572-3

Enterprise Blockchain Overview
  • Course Provider: Educational Activities
  • Course Number: EDP550
  • Duration (Hours): 1
  • Credits: 0.1 CEU/ 1 PDH