Leadership Development for Technical Professionals

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Very few engineering schools have classes on leadership, yet your ability to lead yourself and others will have a tremendous impact on your engineering career. During this course, engineering career coach Anthony Fasano will: help you to realize that you are already a leader regardless of your age or experience level; discuss the power of positivity in leadership; provide strategies for seeing opportunities in every situation; give recommendations for delegating the right tasks; discuss the importance of earning respect from your peers. This course will make it clear that developing your leadership abilities is something that you can start doing immediately in your engineering career regardless of your age or experience level; and you will have all of the strategies needed to do so upon the completion of this course.


Anthony Fasano

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Anthony Fasano received B.S. and  M.S. in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College and Columbia University. After becoming a partner at an engineering firm at the age of 27, he realized that his success was related largely to the development of his non-technical skills. Mr. Fasano decided to transition his career from designing to inspiring engineers to develop the nontechnical skills crucial to career success. Anthony has written a bestselling book entitled Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career.

Publication Year: 2012

ISBN: 1-4673-3179-1

Leadership Development for Technical Professionals
  • Course Provider: Educational Activities
  • Course Number: EDP328
  • Duration (Hours): 1
  • Credits: 0.1 CEU/ 1 PDH