Understanding SMPTE ST 2110: Audio Encapsulation

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This course is intended for engineers and technologists who need to understand the detail in SMPTE’s ST 2110 suite of standards. It assumes a basic understanding of IP and associated terminology. The focus of this course is Audio Encapsulation.

What you will learn:

  • Explain how AES67 and its PTP mechanism work
  • Describe the additional constraints on AES67 as per ST 2110-30 and ST 2110-31
  • Detail the differences between audio transport for LPCM and AES3
  • Specify the receiver conformance level based on channel count, sampling frequency, and packet time
  • Apply your knowledge of ST 2110-30 to determine the channel grouping symbol and therefore the channel order for a given audio type

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Understanding SMPTE Standard 2110

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Who should attend: Electrical engineer, Network engineer, Data engineer, Design engineer, Computer engineer, Systems engineer, field, Hardware engineer, Lead engineer, Project engineer, Product engineer, DevOps


Thomas Bause Mason Photo

Thomas Bause Mason

Thomas Bause Mason is the Director of Standards Development for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). At SMPTE he is responsible for maintaining the technical infrastructure for both the standards community and SMPTE. Bause Mason, formerly owner of Open Media Consulting, began his career in Cologne, Germany, as a computer programmer for automation software in the nuclear and automobile industries. Before his move to Los Angeles, Bause Mason worked at West German Television (WDR) and Cologne Broadcasting Center, where he led the quality control department. In Los Angeles, he became a postproduction consultant and then built and managed the encoding operations for Ascent Media. Joining NBCUniversal in 2005, he focused on emerging technology, spending two years in London to support the company's international business. Throughout his career, Bause Mason has assisted industry organizations in the development of standards, technical recommendations, and study group reports. He holds several patents and is a SMPTE Fellow.

Publication Year: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-5386-0033-7

Understanding SMPTE ST 2110: Audio Encapsulation
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  • Course Number: EDP516
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