Big Data Application in Smart Grids: Benefits and Challenges

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The issue of Big Data (BD) was introduced relatively recently as the enormous amounts of data became available through the space exploration, weather forecasting and medical biogenetic investigations. Social media and outlets such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and others have also faced similar problems of handling huge data sets.

The focus of this webinar is on different BD sources in the utility industry that range from field measurements obtained by substation/feeder intelligent electronic devices, to specialized commercial and/or government/state databases: weather data of different types, lightning detection data, seismic data, fire detection data, electricity market data, vegetation and soil data, etc.

Due to the massive amount of such data (terabytes) available in real time, and through historical records, processing and management of such data requires revisiting data analytics used in the BD industries such as banking, insurance and health care. This webinar will point out the BD characteristics in the power industry where the temporal and spatial properties, as well as correlation to the power system and component models are necessary for an efficient data uses.


Mladen Kezunovic

Dr. Kezunovic serves several leading roles at the university: Director, Smart Grid Center, Site Director, NSF Power Systems Engineering Research Center, Director, Power Systems Control Protection Lab. As the Principal Consultant of XpertPowerTM Associates he provided consulting services to over 50 utilities and vendors worldwide in the past 25 years. He was a Principal Investigator on over 100 R&D projects, published more than 550 papers and gave over 100 invited lectures, short courses and seminars around the world. He is an IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Speaker, CIGRE Honorary Member and Fellow, and Registered Professional Engineer in Texas. He is the recipient of the Inaugural 2011 IEEE Educational Activities Board Standards Education Award “for educating students and engineers about the importance and benefits of interoperability standards” and CIGRE Technical Committee Award for ""remarkable technical contribution to the study committee B5, protection and automation"" in 2013.

Publication Year: 2017

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Big Data Application in Smart Grids: Benefits and Challenges
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