Systems Engineering Approaches and Challenges in Quantum Computing

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NISQ era quantum computers can perform useful applications today. But, realizing the full potential of these systems will require both advances and close collaboration from a broad swath of science and engineering disciplines. Traditional systems engineering models, typically adapted from aerospace and defense industries, are often too prescriptive in defining requirements and use-cases. Furthermore, enterprise systems engineering methods and tools are often focused on how to best prepare an enterprise for change, not how to vector the development of specific systems that will disrupt enterprises. Systems engineering professionals need to consider augmenting best-practices while building lower TRL emerging technologies, such as quantum computing, that require more flexible planning. This course will address possible approaches and challenges, especially for systems with many potential use-cases of strategic interest.


Will Madsen

Will leads systems engineering and integration efforts within the technical organization at Rigetti Computing and manages its portfolio of Department of Defense (DOD) programs. Before joining Rigetti, Will was a Developmental Engineer for the United States Air Force where he led engineering teams in flight testing and space launch operations. He holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the US Air Force Academy.

Publication Year: 2021

Systems Engineering Approaches and Challenges in Quantum Computing
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