NESC® 2023: Rule Changes

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This course addresses the major rules changes to NESC® 2023, the National Electrical Safety Code, 2023 edition.

What you will learn:

  • Focus on the changes in sections 1, 2, 3, and 9
  • Review the code changes in Part 1—Substations
  • Discuss rule changes in Part 2 —Aerial Facilities
  • Review changes to Part 3—Underground Lines
  • Review changes to Part 4 of the NESC—Work Rules and look at some additional changes to the appendices

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NESC® 2023: National Electrical Safety Code

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Who should attend:  Principal, transmission & distribution engineer, senior engineer, electrical engineer, principal engineer, standards engineering manager, project manager, project engineer, field engineer, electrician/lineman, operations management, safety trainer, engineering and line design utility worker, design engineer, electricians working on electrical distribution systems


John Dagenhart Photo

John Dagenhart

John Dagenhart has served on various NESC subcommittees since 1990. He has been the Chair of NESC Subcommittee 2 on Grounding Methods, a Member of NESC Subcommittee 1 on Scope, Application, Definitions, and Coordination, and a Member of the NESC Interpretations Subcommittee. John has over 38 years of experience in the electrical engineering industry.

Larry Slavin Photo

Dr. Lawrence M. Slavin

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) M. Slavin, currently a Principal at Outside Plant Consulting Services, Incorporated, has had a long career in the telephone industry, including stints at AT&T/Lucent Bell Telephone Laboratories and Telcordia Technologies. Larry’s activities have included technical leadership in developing installation practices and "Generic Requirements" documents, introducing new construction methods, and performing analyses on a wide variety of technologies and products, including poles, ducts, wiring, cables, electronic equipment cabinets, flywheel energy storage systems, and turbine generators. Dr. Slavin serves on several NESC subcommittees, including SC4 (Clearances), SC5 (Strength & Loading), SC7 (Underground Lines), as well the Executive Subcommittee, Main Committee, and Interpretations Subcommittee.

Publication Year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-7281-7801-1

NESC® 2023: Rule Changes
  • Course Provider: Educational Activities
  • Course Number: EDP661
  • Duration (Hours): 1
  • Credits: 0.1 CEU/ 1 PDH