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As a standards developer, your work helps IEEE fulfill its mission of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. As you draft your standard, the IEEE SA Content Production & Management (CPM) team is here to provide you with professional end-to-end publication support. As part of that support, we have created a suite of a-la-carte tools to walk you through the drafting process. These tools should lighten the authoring burden, allowing you to focus on what you and your Working Group do best: Creating world-class technical material and high-quality IEEE standards.

About the IEEE SA Standards Editorial Guidance Hub

The CPM team has extensive experience that has been leveraged in the training and tools collected here. There are two types of material covered: Foundational Concepts and Tools and Techniques.

Foundational Concepts

To establish fluency with the entire IEEE SA standards development ecosystem, we recommend taking IEEE SA Working Group Chair Fundamentals, available in the ILN Course Catalog. If you prefer to focus on editorial matters, we recommend the following three IEEE SA Working Group Chair Fundamentals eLearning modules that address many of the core concepts needed for proper draft development.

  • Module 3: Where to Find Help--See Unit 3.3 for an overview of the role of CPM staff in draft development.
  • Module 9: The Editorial Process--Covers important items such as normative vs. informative text, verb choice, and Mandatory Editorial Coordination.
  • Module 11: Final Approval and Publication--Unit 11.2 provides a broad overview of the editorial publication process.

Tools and Techniques

After establishing a groundwork of concepts, we turn to tools and techniques for creating a draft, such as templates, SA style, etc. These will help you make your draft look like an IEEE standard.

The IEEE SA Interactive Draft Standard

  • Drawing on the IEEE SA Standards Style Manual and the IEEE SA MS Word® Standards template, this tool walks you through a sample draft, explaining how to approach each section. This is a great place to start!

Video Training - Working with the IEEE SA MS Word®  Standards Template

  • These short, task-centered videos walk you through different actions in the IEEE SA template.

Managing Normative and Bibliographic References When Drafting IEEE Standards

  • Standards developers and working group participants receive a concise overview of the most important and broadly applicable facets of incorporating a normative reference clause and a bibliography into an IEEE standard.

These tools will get you off to a very good start in creating your draft. As always, the CPM team is here to help. If you get stuck, please reach out to: We will be expanding our suite of training tools, so please check back here often.

Audience: Standards developers, working group members, working group officers, Standards Association Officers, Standards Association Members

Publication Year: 2022

IEEE SA Editorial Guidance Hub
  • Course Provider: Standards Association
  • Course Number: SAP002
  • Credits: 0.5 CEU/ 5 PDH