Cloud Computing Definition, Reference Architecture, and General Use Cases

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We begin with a discussion of the "paradigm shift" of Cloud Computing. No longer a research project or an offering by a leading edge internet company aimed at leading edge developers, Cloud Computing has become mainstream. The IT landscape is changing because of Cloud Computing, in how companies and researchers obtain computing resources as a serve, and also in how companies and researchers construct their own computing environments. At first, Cloud Computing was a new way to use existing servers, networking, and storage. Now the second generation of servers, networking, and storage, along with a wave of brand new software is emerging, because of the innovation possible in this new infrastructure. In other words, Cloud Computing has become a transformational factor in modern IT development. Our introduction to cloud computing will begin with a very commonly accepted set of definitions, terminology, and reference architecture. The definitions and architectures come from the US Department of Commerce, where the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) did some early, foundational standardization work in Cloud Computing. These definitions and canonical scenarios will set the stage for how we talk about Cloud Computing for the rest of the course. We will then turn to study a number of general Cloud Computing use cases and usage scenarios. There are many ways Cloud Computing can be set up and put to work, and there are many layers and sub-systems in Cloud Computing which we will want to have a precise vocabulary for, in order to consistently proceed in our studies of each and every part, and in how the parts fit together.

What you will learn:

  • Summarize cloud computing properties and models
  • Explain NIST cloud computing reference architecture (CCRA)
  • Discuss general cloud use cases and usage scenarios

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Who should attend: Electrical engineer, Design engineer, Systems engineer, communications, Product engineer, Computer engineer, software, Lead engineer, Project engineer, QA/quality engineer


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Publication Date: 2014

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Cloud Computing Definition, Reference Architecture, and General Use Cases
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