Measurements for Smart(er) Grids

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The video is addressing the general topic of measurements in emerging power systems. Firstly, disruptive changes in electric power systems are analyzed in order to understand the impact on the requirements for control and instrumentation in smart grids; then  modern measurement chains are presented together with their potential use in coping with limited knowledge on the grid infrastructure, new power quality issues generated by distributed generation or wide area measurement and control in low inertial systems. Ways of merging the information delivered by existing (SCADA, intelligent electronic devices ) and emerging (Phasor measurement units -PMUs and microPMUs) measurement systems are presented, as part of applications like the power system state estimation; The tutorial highlights the importance of assessment the measurement channel quality together with the silently adopted models for energy transfer, and issues like voltage and frequency variability; rate of change of frequency; the steady-state signal and rapid voltage changes; measurement data aggregation; filtering properties; time- aggregation algorithms in the PQ framework. The presentation ends with new applications enabled by smart metering with high reporting rate (1s) and highlights some of the challenges for measurement systems in smart grids.


Mihaela Albu

Mihaela Albu is a professor of electrical engineering, graduated (1987) from Power Engineering Department of UPB and holds the Ph.D. degree (1998) from the same university. She is teaching courses on electrical measurements, signal processing and Smart Grids topics at both graduate and undergraduate programmes of UPB. Her research interests encompass synchronized measurements for wide area measurement and control systems; smart metering; DC and hybrid microgrids; power quality, IEEE and IEC standards in power (including contribution to the IEC TC8/JWG12: System aspects of electrical energy supply-Requirements for frequency measurement used to control DER and loads). Dr Albu was spending a leave at Arizona State University as a Fulbright Fellow 2002 – 2003 and in 2010. She has been P.I. of more than 40 research projects, funded by national and international research agencies, on measurements in smart grids topics. Dr. Albu is a Senior Member of the IEEE and member of the IEEE IMS TC39, Instrumentation for the Power Systems. Mihaela Albu presented several tutorials at I2MTC (2010-2019) and has been invited as IMS DL (2017-2020) at events in R8 and R10.

Audience: Young Professionals, Professionals in I&M, Researchers, Students

Publication Year: 2018

Measurements for Smart(er) Grids
  • Course Provider: Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Course Number: IMS-VT23
  • Duration (Hours): .5
  • Credits: 0.1 CEU/ 1 PDH