The Valuation of Distributed Energy Resources

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The optimal mix of distributed energy resources for a project or microgrid is dependent on many factors including project load profile, available rate structures, geographic location, space considerations, and project goals. Hourly modeling of the project over the course of a year can be used to estimate the savings and return on investment for different combinations of distributed energy resources including renewable generation, CHP generation, energy storage, and demand response. Different rate structures including time of use and real time price for electricity supply should be considered. Different operating modes for dispatching local generation assets should be evaluated including dispatching based on bulk electricity price and dispatching based on minimizing demand changes. Finally, project goals must be considered. For example, one project might prioritize maximizing renewable generation and minimizing environmental impacts. Another project might prioritize achieving full islanding capability for resiliency during grid outages.


Brian Bunte

Mr. Bunte has twenty-five years’ experience in the electric power industry including five years of research and support of demonstration projects focused on electricity system sustainability. He supported the development and implementation of the Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER) performance standard. Prior to 2012, Brian was a senior manager in engineering and business operations for a major electrical power utility working at multiple corporate offices and generating stations.

Mr. Bunte is a member of the IEEE Smart Grid Education committee and the IEEE 1547 Conformity Assessment Steering Committee – Accelerated Deployment Effort. He attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana at which he received a BS in Physics, a MS in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA.

Publication Year: 2017

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The Valuation of Distributed Energy Resources
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