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Distribution Automation (DA) is the foundation upon which the Smart Grid is built. This learning path will cover the fundamentals of the existing power distribution system, starting with an overview, and will include equipment, components, devices, applications, and functionalities of the power grid. In addition, Power Distribution System processes like planning, design, operation, and maintenance—will be covered. The next step will discuss automating the distribution system. This includes system architecture, layers, objectives, functions of distribution substation and feeder automation. The course will further proceed to the advanced functionalities of DA, including the role of Distribution Management System (DMS) in Smart Grid. Important aspects include major challenges and issues related to Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) integration, Microgrids, Electric Vehicles (EVs).along with Distribution System (DS) optimization, interoperability, Standards and Regulations, DS reliability indices, simulation, load flow analysis, and protection coordination. Also included are case studies and best practices in DA, modern and future DS grid attributes and characteristics, and Distribution System Operator’s (DSO) role for future grid. The course will wrap up with upcoming developments, research reports, and trends in DS Automation.

Learning Path Length: 15 hours

Educator in Chief

Educator in Chief Peter Wung affiliated with IEEE Smart Grid

Peter Wung

Dr. Peter Wung has been the Chair of the IEEE Smart Grid Program since 2018. He is also the Educator–In–Chief of the IEEE Smart Grid Academy.

He was awarded his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1993 from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently adjunct professor at the University of Dayton, specializing in the fields of Electrical Energy, Renewable Energy, Power Systems, and Electric Machines and Drives.

Dr. Wung is a Senior member of the IEEE and has been active with the Smart Grid Program since 2014, serving as the Chair of the Research and Development Committee from 2015–2018.

Technical Editor

Technical Editor of Distribution Automation, Satish Saini the IEEE Smart Grid Technical Activities Committee Chair

Satish Saini

Mr. Satish Saini currently serves as the Chair of IEEE Smart Grid Technical Activities Committee and Senior Advisor in Power System and Distribution Grid Modernization. He also is the Director of the Center of Innovation, Research & Technology, or CIRT Power System. With a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and many advanced courses, Mr. Saini is a Licensed Professional Engineer registered with PEO, Canada. He has 35 years of accomplished management experience in various fields of energy and power. His experience includes electrical utility operations, business development, and project management related to Distribution System called DS grid modernization and on renewable energy, smart metering, AMI, Advanced Distribution System or ADMS, Smart Grid and DMS, which includes hiring, training and mentoring. He has actively participated in the development of various energy policies with ministries, regulatory authorities, utilities and local distribution companies. Mr. Saini is an active member of IEEE committees, Task Forces and Working Groups related to Smart Distribution, Smart Grid, Microgrids, and Smart Cities, and is also the Chair of Education Committee for the IEEE Toronto Section. He serves as a Smart Grid Specialist and has a strong vision of developing the aging DS Grid with latest innovative technologies and solutions along with transforming utilities through smart grid programs.

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Audience: A wide range of audience from academia, industry and public sectors. This includes researchers, professional, engineers, scientists, technicians and trainers from secondary and higher education institutions, IT companies and state organizations.

Publication Year: 2022

IEEE Academy on Smart Grid Distribution Automation
  • Course Provider: IEEE Academy
  • Course Number: ACADSG001
  • Credits: 1.5 CEU/ 15 PDH